About Suncrest Flowers

Rooted in a rich history of floral businesses in the Philippines, and surrounded by creativity throughout our lives, our family has always had a deep connection with the beauty and artistry of flowers.

In 2012, following the loss of a beloved young family member, we dreamt of a unique way to honor their memory through the language of florals. This dream, however, laid dormant for almost a decade as we each ventured on our own paths, cultivating new skills and experiences.

In 2021, this dream was rekindled in Draper, Utah. Here, David’s stint as a delivery driver for a local flower shop sparked our curiosity. We noticed little things that could be done differently – things like fairer compensation for hardworking helpers and a fresh approach to the quality of arrangements. This insight, combined with our collective talents - from media arts to software engineering - inspired us to revive our dream in a new land.

Suncrest Flowers is more than a business. It’s a commitment to breathtaking, eco-conscious floral arrangements that resonate with our mission: to awe every customer and support our community. It’s a tribute to a lost loved one, a manifestation of healing, and a promise to bring beauty into the lives of others, one arrangement at a time.

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Meet The Team


Eden is a warm and friendly florist who has honed her skills in floral design through learning from her family business in the Philippines. She delights in creating lovely arrangements that beautifully express the spirit of any occasion. Eden's enthusiasm for flowers is truly infectious, and her dedication to the art of floristry shines through in her delightful creations.


Kat is a florist with a unique creative flair, drawing inspiration from her background in media arts and graphic design. She weaves her passion for art and design into her floral creations, bringing a one-of-a-kind touch to each arrangement. Kat's imaginative approach to floristry sets her work apart, giving every bouquet a fresh and distinctive charm.


Kim, our operations manager, skillfully combines her design expertise and project management abilities to showcase our beautiful floral creations. Her talent for eye-catching visuals and exceptional organizational skills elevates our digital presence, infusing it with a distinctive, personal touch and a fresh perspective.


David, a seasoned expert in logistics with a deep understanding of Salt Lake and Utah counties, will ensure timely deliveries for our customers. His experience in managing complex transportation networks and adeptly handling unforeseen challenges makes him an invaluable asset in the industry. David's dedication to providing top-notch service and his extensive knowledge of the local region set him apart from the rest.


Steve is our invaluable tech manager, overseeing floristry operations, optimizing order management, delivery tracking, and inventory control. His expertise and innovative approach enhance customer experience and collaboration within our team. Steve's leadership and technical skills are crucial for consistently delivering fresh, stunning blooms to our customers.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Suncrest Flowers is committed to a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, ensuring exceptional quality and service with every exquisite arrangement we create.

  • Free Delivery

    We offer free delivery for all customers, making it even more convenient to spread joy with our beautiful, hand-crafted bouquets.

  • Military, First Responder, Teachers, and Healthcare

    We offer our best price for flowers to military personnel, veterans, first responders, nurses, doctors, and teachers. E-mail us your ID and we'll take care of the rest.